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The Future of Artificial Domain Intelligence

Build AI applications using deep domain expertise to truly embrace Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing excellence. 

Artificial Domain Intelligence (ADI)

At Qritrim, we have developed an advanced approach within AI that focuses on applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to specific domain knowledge or industry-specific challenges. This enables us to solve real-world challenges using solutions that are intelligent in the context of your specific domain. 

Unlike general AI, which aims at performing any intellectual task that a human can do, Qritrim’s ADI solutions zeroes in on deeply understanding and solving problems within specific sectors, such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, or retail. 

AI powered with deep domain-expertise

Qi Platform: Enterprise ADI Solution Builder

Fusing AI’s analytical power with deep domain-specific insights, Qi redefines the landscape of AI application development across industries. It is a comprehensive ecosystem that facilitates the seamless creation, deployment, and management of sophisticated AI applications, without the need for deep technical expertise. 

How Qi works?

DATA INGESTION as-a-Service (DIaaS)

Ingest, label and organize any data type from multiple sources.  


Build, deploy, manage, and monitor models for unsupervised learning.  


Intelligent data storage with domain specific ontology ensuring accuracy, compliance, security and privacy. 


Domain specific form and app flow Management, Domain Enabled Dashboard Builder, Configurable User and Access Control Management 

What Makes Qi an End-to-End
AI Solution Builder?

Factoid: Industry 4.0 solutions for Smarter Manufacturing

Factoid is not just a solution; it’s a transformative ecosystem designed to tackle the complexities and challenges inherent in smart manufacturing. Built on the robust foundation of the Qi platform, Factoid leverages unparalleled ADI capabilities to bring about efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in manufacturing processes. 

Factoid offers customized solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each manufacturer. Whether it’s streamlining supply chains, improving product quality, or reducing losses, Factoid is your partner in innovation 

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